I have noted in recent weeks that many of you who are fans of SBS WORLD NEWS in all of the various languages, have called me to complain that they cant see the Program any more since about late May.


I had look and investigated and yes it is true!

Since May 23rd 2022, SBS has moved all of their news services onto a dedicated digital channel which allows the original channel to be free for upcoming events such as the Football World Cup.

So to tune in to Channel 35 sounds pretty straight forward right?

I just re tune my television and I will see the new service on Channel 35?

Cant be that hard.

And you would be correct in thinking that but what if your old TV is not capable of tuning in to that frequency on Channel 35?

Many of the older TV’s are not capable of doing what they call MPEG-4 compression which is a technical term used to describe how audio and video can be “squeezed” onto a freq to allow  more efficient use of the bandwidth.


Many providers use MPEG-4 to broadcast content but if you have an older TV from say pre 2014, the chances are that it will not be capable of MPEG-4

The fix is either to buy a TV that can do it (expensive option) or to keep your old TV and buy a Digital Tuner or Set Top Box that is capable of MPG-4. (very cost affordable).

Either way, Connect My Tech can walk you through the options and have you watch the Greek, Italian, Hindi and all of the other wonderful News services that SBS provide


About SBS WorldWatch

SBS WorldWatch is SBS’s free-to-air multilingual news channel, which launched on Monday 23 May, 2022. You can watch it on free-to-air channel 35, or stream it live on SBS On Demand. 

It provides Australians with access to news from around the world in languages other than English, with a line-up of news bulletins from leading international broadcasters in more than 35 languages.

SBS عربي News (SBS News in Arabic) is broadcast on the channel live at 8pm, and SBS 中文 News (SBS News in Mandarin) at 8.30pm, weeknights. These programs are produced and presented by SBS and are also available to stream live on SBS On Demand.

Audiences can also watch SBS current affairs programs available on the channel, broadcast in English with subtitles in Arabic and Simplified Chinese.

Why did you launch this channel?
SBS WorldWatch expands SBS’s commitment to providing comprehensive news and information across its network – in English through SBS World News, and in more than 60 languages across SBS Radio services, podcasting, and digital platforms – and the multilingual services it has been delivering to Australians for more than 45 years.

On SBS WorldWatch, news programming is not interrupted by SBS’s commitments to broadcast live sporting events as occurs on SBS and SBS VICELAND from time to time.

We’re pleased to be able to offer both an extension of our services, and improve the viewing experience, with the launch of SBS WorldWatch.

How to access SBS WorldWatch



How can I watch SBS WorldWatch?
You can watch SBS WorldWatch on free-to-air television channel 35.

If watching on a television, SBS WorldWatch is accessible on television sets, or devices using recorders or set top boxes, which are MPEG-4 compatible. MPEG-4 refers to the compression technology commonly used by broadcasters today for the distribution of high-quality video content. Most television sets made after 2014 use this technology, and in fact many TV channels in Australia are broadcast with it. It allows us to provide better picture and sound quality.

SBS VICELAND is an MPEG-4 channel, therefore if you currently watch a news bulletin on SBS VICELAND on your television, you can access SBS WorldWatch.

The channel is available to stream live on SBS On Demand.

Programs broadcast on the channel are also available to catch up on SBS On Demand, where there are also additional international news programs available to stream which aren’t shown on television.

Do I need to retune my TV?
Some people may need to retune for the channel to appear. Should you need to retune, SBS has basic instructions for doing so available on our online help centre here.

What if I can’t access SBS WorldWatch?
If you are using an older television, recorder or set top box, and find that you cannot watch or record SBS channels 30 (SBS HD), 31 (SBS VICELAND) and 32 (SBS World Movies), your device might not be compatible with the MPEG-4 technology used to transmit SBS WorldWatch as well (and which is the most commonly used standard for distribution of video content today).

While this may have an unintentional impact on some audience members, programs are available to stream via SBS On Demand and SBS continues to offer a range of other language services available via SBS Radio, podcasting and digital platforms.

How can I check/fix my access to SBS WorldWatch?
If your device is not compatible, when searching for any of these SBS channels – 30 (SBS HD), 31 (SBS VICELAND), 32 (SBS World Movies) and 35 (SBS WorldWatch) – you may see a black screen, an error message like “invalid channel” or can only hear audio but there’s no picture, which means the receiver on your device may not be compatible.

You can contact the manufacturer of your TV to confirm if the specific model of your device is MPEG-4 compatible. If it’s not compatible, and they can’t provide a firmware update to solve the issue, there are three options for accessing SBS WorldWatch:

  • Installing a digital set top box will allow your existing television to access all SBS channels using the current-day technology. They’re available to purchase from most electronic stores, are easy to install and set up, and don’t take up much space. It will then allow you to watch any television channel in Australia, across all the free-to-air networks.
  • Another option is to upgrade your TV – most televisions today allow you to watch live TV channels, but Smart TVs can also allow you to easily access streaming apps like SBS On Demand through your television, giving you access to thousands of hours of programming, at your convenience.
  • Watch the channel and its programs by using SBS On Demand on another type of device, like a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Is the channel available on VAST?
Yes, the channel is available via VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television) for viewers in remote areas of Australia, and others who can’t access digital TV.

Is the channel available on Foxtel? 
Yes, the channel is available on Foxtel (channel 644). 

Schedule and program information 

How can I find out what’s on the channel?
The most up to date programming schedule is available on the SBS guide website. Select SBS WorldWatch from the channel options at the top of the page to view the schedule.

Will international news bulletins still be broadcast on SBS and SBS VICELAND?
All international news bulletins in languages other than English that have been broadcast on SBS and SBS VICELAND are now on the SBS WorldWatch channel.

International news bulletins in English remain on SBS and SBS VICELAND, 

Has the program I watch changed day/time on the new channel?
For programs previously broadcast on SBS, there has been no change to the broadcast times (with the exception of the Turkish news bulletin which has moved from 11.30am on SBS to 10.30pm on SBS WorldWatch).

For programs previously broadcast on SBS VICELAND, there are some adjustments to broadcast times on SBS WorldWatch. SBS has sought to avoid significant changes while also increasing services – increasing the frequency of some programs during the week, and also adding programs in new languages to the SBS WorldWatch schedule. An overview of the programming schedule, indicating what day and time a news program in a particular language is shown on the channel, is available here. 

All programs on SBS WorldWatch are available on SBS On Demand.  

What day/time is news in my language shown on SBS WorldWatch?
An overview of the programming schedule for SBS WorldWatch, indicating what day and time a news program in a particular language is shown on the channel, is available here. 

Is SBS axing any international bulletins in launching this new channel?
No. SBS is expanding its overall international news bulletin offering, adding new programs in languages other than English to the SBS WorldWatch TV channel line-up, increasing the frequency of some bulletins, as well as adding some additional international bulletins in English to the SBS and SBS VICELAND schedule. There are also more news bulletins available to watch on SBS On Demand.

Are these news bulletins available on SBS On Demand?
Programs broadcast on SBS WorldWatch are also available to watch on SBS On Demand, where there are also additional international news programs available to stream which aren’t shown on television.

The SBS WorldWatch channel is also available to stream live on SBS On Demand here.

How do you select the programs you broadcast?
SBS has broadcast international news bulletins on television under the banner of ‘WorldWatch’ since 1993. It does so as a way of giving free access to news bulletins being broadcast around the world to Australia’s multicultural communities, including for those who come from those countries or have family and other connections there. The schedule of programming is based on the size and needs of different language communities in Australia, and an assessment of available programming sources, taking into consideration feedback and consultation with communities, along with other services SBS provides.

How can I request a new news service from my home country?
To provide feedback on the channel, including suggestions for additional news services, please contact SBS either via our online help centre where you can also find more information about accessing SBS services.

You can call us toll-free on 1800 500 727 between 8:30am-5:30pm (AEST) Monday to Friday.

Is there any programming in English on the channel?
Programming on SBS WorldWatch is in languages other than English with the exception of a selection of SBS current affairs programs produced and broadcast in English shown with subtitles in Arabic and Simplified Chinese, in addition to the live broadcast of English language news from France 24 and Deutsche Welle overnight between 1.30-5am (view the SBS WorldWatch schedule for the most up to date programming information). 

Is programming available with English subtitles?
No, programming is not available with English language subtitles on SBS WorldWatch.

Is programming available with audio description?
No, audio description is not available on the channel.

Is there advertising on the channel? 
Yes, there is advertising on SBS WorldWatch. 

What programs are on SBS and SBS VICELAND in place of the news programs which were moved across to SBS WorldWatch?
In order to provide a diversity of programming for our audiences across our suite of channels, international news programs in English are shown on SBS and SBS VICELAND each morning. Mid-morning and throughout the day, SBS and SBS VICELAND feature a breadth of programming including documentaries, entertainment, drama and comedy; catering to a wide-ranging audience. The SBS guide website features all the latest scheduled programming information.



Patrick Larobina