Connect My Tech

Hi, I’m Patrick Larobina, the Home Tech Consultant behind Connect My Tech.

I’ve been part of the telecommunications industry for over 40 years. As a previous employee of both Telstra and Optus in various Technical Specialist and Project Management roles, I developed a thorough understanding of all things home tech. I also understand the frustration you feel when you just want a value-for-money product – and help when things go wrong, as they sometimes do with technology – and that help isn’t easy to get.

Connect My Tech wants to be your go-to tech person. I can help you find the best plans for your needs, set up your devices, and even troubleshoot any problems that come up down the track. 

Imagine being able to call me when something goes wrong rather than sitting in a phone queue for ages, only to be told nobody can help you. Or letting me solve the issue at hand, rather than trying to follow complicated technical directions that really make no sense to you.







It’s okay if you don’t understand tech

If you’re like one of the many who struggle with technology, and the complicated plans and subscriptions that come with it, you’re not alone. It may not be your area of interest or expertise, but it is mine. Now it’s time to share some of the “secrets” that Telco Providers don’t want you to know about, and let you use them to help you make the right tech decisions that deliver you savings and benefits.

That’s why I enjoy helping people out. I’m happy to be your go-to person when you need help choosing a plan or fixing a problem. And no problem is too small or silly – there’s no judgement here. Just honest help when you need it.

Let me put my years of experience in the industry to good use by helping you connect your tech – and stay connected.