This one was brought to my attention from a friend who asked me how they could send family photos to their mother in Aged Care who didn’t have a smart phone or tablet?

This is where the Smart Connected Photo Frame from Home Life Technology comes in.

It’s a simple concept comprising the photo frame connected to Wi-Fi and the companion App called Frameo

The photo frame would sit with the loved one in Aged Care whilst the family would have the Frameo App installed on their smart phones

Once setup on a WiFi network the Frame is simply a “receiver” of photos from the family and friends who have the App and permissions to send photos to that Photo Frame. It cant “send” photos

The sender can share from their own gallery on iPhone or Android, or they can send photos using the Frameo app.

These photos can be displayed in either portrait or landscape mode and there is 13 Gb of storage on board so there is room for many photos to be displayed and of course, these can be deleted at any time.

 When you upload the photo using the Frameo app you choose the highlighted area of the image. That area will appear in both orientations of the frame.

Images rotate on a slideshow, Videos can also be sent, and with a simple speaker inside there’s even sound.

So this is much more than a digital photo frame. The fact that you can send photos and videos to the frame remotely in real time makes this a real game changer especially through these challenging times of social distancing and Covid

 Available in a range of colors, and in an 8 inch or 10 inch size, the Connected Photo Frame with Frameo app connectivity comes from a local Australian company called Home Life

HomeLife Tech Photo Frame Details

Acknowledgments to our friends at EFTM who did a great little video on the product which captures the key points and features

EFTM Review on the Home Life Tech Connected Photo Frame


Product Details

  • As featured on A Current Affair.
  • Australian stock. Australian support.
  • Send photos direct from your mobile phone.
  • Photos appear automatically in a slideshow.
  • The entire family & friends can send photos.
  • Connect to as many phones as you wish.
  • Send personal messages with photos.
  • Supports 22 languages.
  • Touchscreen for ease of use.
  • Very easy to set up. Only takes a few minutes.
  • Connects to the internet using WiFi.
  • No social media, subscription or account required.
  • 16GB internal storage. Stores thousands of photos.
  • Numerous designs to choose from.


Patrick Larobina