In my travels over the last two weeks, I have been blown away by how many of you still have one of these dinosaurs in your homes.
These are old STANDARD Foxtel Set Top Boxes that are no longer available with limited support and are better suited to residing in the Powerhouse Museum rather than in your Lounge Room.
They were some of the original boxes that only show content in Standard Definition and don’t let you record and you guessed it, TV technology has progressed a bit since those early FOXTEL days.
Now is the time to upgrade to one of the new Foxtel IQ4 or IQ5 boxes which will allow High Definition and 4K content along with the ability to record and the pictures will look stunning on any of the new large TV screens from the big brands.
So if you, or your family and friends still have a relic like below, enquire about getting a free upgrade at a cheaper monthly subscription price than what you are paying for FOXTEL currently.
You’re Welcome

Patrick Larobina