Something is going on in the world of NBN Plans with Optus with an interesting change this week for those of you signing up to a plan expecting to have FETCH TV included in the package.

 A close look at the Optus page has no reference to either the Fetch Mini or Fetch Mighty if you purchase a new plan so what is the back story?

As you can see by the cover photo, there is a “coming soon” reference to Paramount and Fetch on the Optus Sub Hub Platform so will this be the way new subscribers access Fetch through Optus in the future?

For those of you not familiar with Optus Sub Hub, it is essentially a platform that allows you to Streamline your subscriptions with discounts being applied depending on how many Subscriptions you subscribe to.

Optus Sport and Optus Fitness are included in your Sub Hub subscription and if you add two additional subscriptions, you will earn a 5% discount on both whilst adding three additional will earn you 10% off all three

To be confirmed but I can see a play here whereby Optus are looking to populate their Sub Hub Platform with new offerings with Netflix being one of the jewels in the crown that has landed.

I will be keen to ask some further questions but so far I have confirmed that

– Optus are no longer selling FETCH to new customers

– Optus will STILL support existing Fetch users

– If you are an existing customer with a FETCH Mini or Mighty and you cancel your subscription, you will NOT be able to re connect it after that

Stay tuned as I go into detective mode to find out the real back story as to why this gem of a service is no longer being offered by Optus

Could it be related to the story below?




Patrick Larobina