I engaged in a conversation with a lovely lady from Summer Hill and she was telling me about the price of Lavazza coffee and how she waits until the big two supermarkets call out “SPECIAL!” before she buys 50 Kgs of the stuff.

It’s the age-old question shoppers everywhere have been asking almost every day: “Where can I find this cheaper?”

Well, today is the day those questions have been answered.

Wiselist, a free app, will compare weekly prices between Coles and Woolworths.

“Super cheap and handy to have both Coles and Woolies groceries mix and matched, then delivered on the same day,” one shopper wrote in the money-saving Facebook group ‘Markdown addicts Australia’.

Budget-savvy shoppers are keen to understand how the app works and how they can implement it as part of their grocery shopping routine.

“Oh, what? Did not know this was a thing! And here’s me manually looking up the prices for my shopping list before we go out,” one person wrote in a post about the app.

“This is a life-saver for me! Didn’t even know about it,” added another.

So, how does Wiselist work?

It works by offering the consumer the option to search for items and create their own grocery list.

As items are searched for, the list of products appears, breaking down the cost between Coles and Woolworths.

The cheaper option is displayed at the top, showing the price difference between stores for that particular product.

There is an option to create a grocery list for the week or fortnight with the price breakdown from each store available. You can even browse products through each of the stores’ weekly catalogues and add them to your shopping list.

As you add items, the app displays a price comparison for that item and total price for both Coles and Woolworths, letting you know which store has the cheaper option. The app also includes a watchlist feature, enabling you to be alerted when items go on sale. You can even add Flybuys and Everyday Rewards cards to the app to collect your points.

So what’s the catch?

While this app seems like every budget-friendly shoppers dream, some users have pointed out “it sometimes displays the same price of products, but a different price per unit which customers need to look out for.”



Patrick Larobina