For those of you lucky enough to experience it, you can all remember the warm fuzzy feeling you felt during your Honeymoon as the endorphins and hormones rushed through your body giving you that feeling of euphoria.

Where am I going with this I hear you ask?

Yes believe or not, there is a Tech twist to this BLOG so read on.

In recent days, I have been dealing with calls from clients who have expressed concern around increased bill costs for their Tech especially Internet, Mobile and Foxtel.

When I investigated further, I found that these customers were all on what I call “Honeymoon rates” which are offered to customers on either a 6 month or 12 month discounted offer that revert to the higher market rates which can come as quite a shock to many.

It is a very simple ploy by the providers to ensure that they firstly win your business but more importantly, that they retain your business and these short term discounts are designed to keep you stuck to their brand and products.

Oh and by the way, not everyone will be offered these discounts proactively, that is, the providers wont call you randomly to say, “by the way, we have a $20 per month discount on our internet plan” Can we interest you to take up the offer?”

No, no, no, it all comes back to the squeaky wheel gets the oil so its only those who call the Provider enquiring about offers or suggesting that they might cancel their services who are given these sugar hits.

So the devil is in the detail.

Its great that you play the market and get these honeymoon rates on offer but you need to understand how long this is for and what you need to do “before” the offer expiry date to continue receiving these rates.

Too many of you take the sugar hit but feel quite sick in 6 or 12 months time when the sugar wears off and the increased charges hit your Bills

Now is a great time to be a Consumer as each service provider is trying to have you as their customer so there are great offers to be had if you know when and how to ask for them

In these times of high inflation, now more than ever, you need to work on keeping your finances in check and ensuring that your Tech spend is under control.

Honeymoons are brief periods of serenity and joy.

The reality soon hits home when you come home and need to mow the lawn and wash the dishes in marriage

Dont let the Service Providers spoil your honeymoon!

Keep on top of your Bills and call Connect My Tech if you need any help or insights around making this whole process easier to manage

Patrick Larobina