I love the work I do as it always throws up new Tech challenges that are different and unique to every customer.

The newest challenge I had and solved was as below and it was a great result that has allowed the family to work from home and office whilst having Mobile Phone Coverage

Lets look at the issue.

The client:

  • Moved Into  a semi rural retreat in the beautiful Blue Mountains with a lovely bushland aspect
  • Had zero Mobile coverage in the house. Phones were all SOS
  • Could only make a call if you stood on a chair on the outside balcony!
  • House had an old TELSTRA SMART ANTENNA installed but that wasnt working
  • Had a good NBN connection in the house but no WiFi in the office space which was next to the house
  • Was paying $960 for a Family sharing Mobile Plan with ALDI MOBILE
  • Had poor quality ZOOM and TEAMS calls which made it difficult to work from home


What I found on my first site visit

  • Internet speeds in the house were fine but awful down in the office via WiFi 
  • Absolutely NO MOBILE COVERAGE inside the house on any of the four family mobiles 
  • I worked out that it was the construction of the house that was causing the Mobile coverage issues. You see, the house had corrugated iron walls all around and on top and this effectively meant that any Mobile signals from outside could not penetrate these walls and hence why calls could not be made inside
  • Probably explains why the previous owner had installed a $900 TELSTRA SMART ANTENNA which addresses the issue but this was an old 2014 model that supported the old 850Mhz 3G spectrum and was no longer supported by TELSTRA
  • My client wanted to buy another SMART ANTENNA (which was now $1080 from Telstra) but I advised her to hold off.
  • My advice was to move the four Mobiles from ALDI to BOOST to utilise the full TELSTRA Network coverage and use the WiFi calling feature to make and receive all of your calls via the internet connection rather than the outside Mobile Network.

    WiFi Calling allows you to make and receive Calls, MMS and SMS over a WiFi network.

    You can use this capability if you have a compatible WiFi Calling device, you’re connected to a supported WiFi network and you don’t have sufficient mobile network coverage to make a call.

  • For her office internet coverage issues, the advice was to Install either a GOOGLE MESH network or a Powerline Adapter down to the office to extend the coverage

What was the outcome?

  • Purchased 4 x BOOST Mobile SIMS which has saved the family real money
  • Turned WiFi calling ON for all 4 devices and calls are now perfect
  • Tried the GOOGLE Mesh for the Internet coverage issue in the Office which did work but we settled for a Powerline Adapter solution which also worked and was more cost effective.
  • ZOOM and TEAMS calls are great
  • No need to spend that $1080 for a new TELSTRA SMART ANTENNA

Moral of the story?

  • There are many ways you can solve a problem and they dont always require a huge financial outlay
  • Always question the status quo and if you dont get the answer you need, ask why?
  • There are always alternatives out there around plans, products and services and these can change from month to month so make sure to ask if you can get a better deal
  • A simple query put to me resulted in a huge benefit to this customer by allowing her to present her work on ZOOM and TEAMS which has been a great result for her.

Oh I almost forgot!!

We looked at the four Mobile Phone Plans that they were on which cost them $960 per annum with poor in house coverage.

I recommended and migrated them on to Boost Mobile on the 365 Day $200 per annum plan and not only are they saving $160 per annum on cost but the coverage is much better with the TELSTRA full Network coverage int this semi rural area.


The “ask yourself” checklist

  • When was the last time you did an audit review on all of your Home Tech spend?
  • Are you paying for Mobile Data that you dont really use or need?
  • Do you have streaming subscriptions that you no longer need or watch but you are still paying for?

If your answers were

  • Never or more than 3 months ago
  • I don’t know what Mobile Data allowance I am on or use each month?
  • I have multiple streaming services and/or Foxtel Premium Packages

Then it may be time to consider a review. You may be surprised with the results and cost savings.


Patrick Larobina