Many of you are now very accustomed to NBN and the much faster speeds that you can achieve over the old technology of Dial Up and ADSL2+.

But what if I told you that one particular client was still using ADSL at $95 per month when she was told that this was the only option?

The frustration in not being able to achieve speeds above 4 Mbps was intense with poor video calls, streaming in only Standard Definition and super slow downloads and uploads with general browsing

This was their lived experience for over 5 years and with a household of 4 adults, it became a real problem until I was called to investigate.

Lets look at the issue.

The client was:

  • In a semi rural part of Sydney for over 5 years
  • Was told that the ONLY form of Internet available to her was ADSL
  • Cost was $95 per month
  • Checks of all other ISP’s came back and said that NBN was NOT available in her area


What I found on my first site visit

  • Speeds in the house were 2 to 4 Mbps down and less than 1 Kbits Up.
  • All of the NBN Coverage maps showed that this address could not be serviced by NBN.

Interestingly, the client was located high up on a ridge and I noticed that off in the distance of the valley below, there was a Mobile Tower

  • My immediate thought was could this customer get Fixed Wireless Access NBN but again, all of the enquiries came back negative
  • However, after speaking with NBN and explaining the situation, they further investigated and noted that the address of the client WAS serviceable and the error was that the NBN portal had not been updated to reflect this.
  • This NBN Portal is crucial as it is the window in which the ISP’s get their service info from. If the portal shows no service coverage, the ISP’s report the same to their customers
  • The team at NBN committed to fix the Portal and three days later, I checked all of the ISP’s with TANGERINE TELECOM being the first to announce that FWA or Fixed Wireless Access could be provided
  • The bonus in this offer was that the speeds were 27 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up with the cost being $54.90 per month.
  • My client could not believe it was true and we signed her up that day with an NBN tech coming a week later to do the install of the small dish on the roof.
  • FWA basically uses the Mobile Network to provide your NBN. Fixed wireless access (FWA) is the process of providing wireless broadband using radio links between two fixed points. In other words, fixed wireless is an alternate method of providing wireless internet access to homes or businesses while eliminating the need for physical connections (phone lines, cable, or fiber)

What was the outcome?

  • NBN Install took two hours which was very quick
  • Speeds were as advertsised around 26 Mbps
  • Streaming TV now in HD
  • Video Calls were solid with no lag and pixelation
  • Web Browsing was snappy and quick
  • All of the above at a lower cost per month with a saving of around $39

Moral of the story?

  • Always question the status quo and if you dont get the answer you need, ask why?
  • There are always alternatives out there around plans, products and services and these can change from month to month so make sure to ask if you can get a better deal
  • A simple query put to me resulted in a huge benefit to this customer and the joy of her being on a video call whilst seeing her newborn granddaughter has made this job pretty special. 

Oh I almost forgot!!

We looked at the two Mobile Phone Plans that they were on which cost them $913 per annum with poor in house coverage.

I recommended and migrated them on to Boost Mobile on the 365 Day $200 per annum plan and not only are they saving $513 per annum on cost but the coverage is much better with the TELSTRA full Network coverage int this semi rural area.

I am pretty sure that I will be on the Christmas Card list with this client who was so happy with the overall result so as I have said previously, reach out to Connect My Tech and lets see if we can improve your Tech spend and experience.


Patrick Larobina