I came across some news this week that will affect more than 50,000 TELSTRA VELOCITY NETWORK users in the coming months starting in May 2022 and finshing up in April 2023

What is the TELSTRA VELOCITY network I hear you say?

Back around 2011/12, For brand new communities and estates, Telstra opted to lay super-fast fibre optic cables for broadband straight to each home in that community, rather than the traditional copper wiring from the telephone network.

These areas are known as Telstra Velocity Communities. There are over 120 estates and communities around Australia that impact more than 50000 subscribers that fall into this category.

Its a bitter sweet concept.

On the one hand, the Velocity community have access to the Fibre to the Premises infrastructure which we all know is the rolled gold standard when we speak about NBN.

However, on the other hand, the Velocity community did not have the option to “pick and choose” their ISP for their internet and were given little option than to stay with TELSTRA.

It may sound great that you have access to high speed fibre optic cabling, but it can be frustrating when it seems like you only have one choice of internet provider. Most providers did not have access to Telstra’s Velocity cables and thus were not be able to service a Velocity community but this recent sale news from TELSTRA to OPTICOMM will change all of this and provide that freedom of choice to “shop around” for the best deals each ISP offers

see the note from TELSTRA regarding the changes and how they will impact you if you are in a VELOCITY COMMUNITY

Transition to the Opticomm Network

On 24 December 2020, Telstra sold its Velocity Fibre Network to Uniti Group Limited. Over the coming months, Opticomm, a wholesale subsidiary of Uniti Group Limited, will be upgrading the network and will become the new network access provider and operator. This means you’ll get access to faster speeds and better internet reliability once your premises is connected to the upgraded Opticomm network.

Opticomm will act as a wholesaler to other retail service providers. Like nbn, customers will continue to receive services from their preferred phone and internet provider.

This transition will benefit ~50,000 active services on the network today by creating a pathway to improved network technology and deliver a better-connected experience to residents and businesses in these areas.

Making the change – what you need to know

Telstra and Opticomm are working together to bring you network enhancements. We have been developing a transition plan to help enable a smooth transfer to the upgraded Opticomm network, giving customers access to faster and more reliable internet.

The upgrade will happen area by area, based on geographic location. It commences July 2022 and should take approximately 13 months to complete.

The upgrade involves replacing your existing Telstra fibre network connection with services on the upgraded Opticomm network. To keep your services connected, an Opticomm approved technician will need to make changes to your equipment. We will let you know when it is time for you to arrange an appointment for this to happen.

What’s next

You don’t need to do anything right now. Nothing will change with your existing Telstra services until the time comes to physically change your services over to the upgraded Opticomm network.

The network upgrade is expected to commence from July 2022. If you currently have your service with Telstra, we’ll be in touch approximately 10 weeks before it’s time to upgrade with the important things you need to know, and the steps you need to take to stay connected.

You can learn more about the transition and when the upgraded Opticomm network will be available in your area by checking your address at Velocity Opticomm information

What it means for you

  1. An Opticomm approved technician will need to visit
    We’ll let know when it’s time to arrange the appointment to make changes to the equipment inside your premises, or on the outside of your building.
  2. Your relationship with Telstra can continue
    You’ll need to choose a service provider for your voice and internet services on the upgraded Opticomm network prior to the technician appointment. Telstra can continue to provide you with services and, if you choose to stay with us, we’ll guide you through the process.
  3. You’ll need to change your Telstra plan
    You will need to switch to a new Upfront Telstra plan when you move to the upgraded Opticomm network. Finding the right plan is important and all Telstra’s in-market plans are now offered month to month, with no lock in contracts.
  4. Do you have a monitored medical alarm, fire alarm service, or a lift emergency phone?
    You’ll need to you check with your third-party service provider that your device and service will continue to work on the upgraded Opticomm network.

Transition Roadmap and Schedule

The Transition Roadmap and Schedule lists the estates and suburbs that are currently planned to be disconnected from the Telstra network and connect to the Opticomm network.

The Transition Roadmap and Schedule will change as Telstra and Opticomm progress with their planning, and as Opticomm releases updates to their network roll out plan. Telstra and Opticomm will regularly update the Transition Roadmap and Schedule, and you should always refer to the most recent version of the schedule for the most up-to-date information.

View the Telstra Velocity Opticomm Transition Roadmap and Schedule (PDF, 883 KB)

Have more questions about the transition to Opticomm? Find answers on our FAQs page.


Patrick Larobina