I have been trialing a new Italian TV service that is really innovative and exciting for lovers of Italian content.

In the past, Italo Australians had only the old Satellite service with a huge dish and one channel whilst in more recent times, the channels have gone up to about 6 and the dish is much smaller. Some have chosen a FOXTEL or FETCH option to watch Italian content but these too were very limited. In more recent times, we have seen the emergence of what we call IPTV which included a separate set top box and many channels but the new exciting technology is SVOD or Streaming Video On Demand services which is what IL GLOBO TV is.

Think of IL GLOBO TV as being a service similar to NETFLIX with a library of movies, documentaries, sport etc plus the added bonus of Live TV Channels at prices that offer real value for money.

The service is the first of its kind in Australia and will be the way of the future for Italians wanting to access Italian TV content as described by Dario Nelli / Isabella Venutti from Il Globo below

The bridge between cultures that Il Globo began building with Italy in November 1959 is becoming easier to cross thanks to new technologies. Almost sixty-three years after our first few pages were prepared on Sydney Road, Brunswick, the time has come to announce a new chapter of our history, another offering for the Italians of Australia: Il Globo TV.

The Italian Media Corporation is expanding its services further, following on from Rete Italia, which in 1994 joined Il Globo and La Fiamma, longstanding newspapers of Italian immigrants.

We are offering our large community and those who love the Bel Paese the opportunity to be directly connected with Italy, 24 hours a day. Italy’s regions, history and artistic treasures will be on constant rotation thanks to a series of television programs that will make up our schedule. This offer has been made possible by agreements with Rai, Mediaset, La7 Italia, Tv2000 and even some regional networks. A range of entertainment and news broadcasts from Italy will be made available via the internet. Local content will gradually appear alongside these programs, produced by a channel operated directly from our brand new studios on Melville Road, Brunswick West.

The new Il Globo TV channel will provide us with the opportunity to showcase real, local life; telling the stories of those who left Italy with a suitcase often filled with nothing but hope and goodwill, but have integrated splendidly into Australian society. It is also an opportunity to promote companies and local and imported products, and boost Australia’s economy, while going beyond the coverage of the Italian channels that are part of our new project.

And so, a new adventure begins, thanks to the advances of modern media platforms, but above all, thanks to the continuing commitment of the Larobina family, who with boundless enthusiasm are carrying on the story begun 63 years ago by the newspaper’s founder Ubaldo Larobina. The Italian Media Corporation publishing group has encouraged this innovative turnaround, aiming to continue their important journey into the future, alongside all generations of Italians and Italo-Australians.

Il Globo, La Fiamma, Rete Italia and now Il Globo TV want to cement a place in the history of Italian migration in this country, remaining a point of reference for all things Italian.

Television makes it possible to do this with even more immediacy. A new world of entertainment and information will accompany the newspaper, because the two media formats are not in competition – they complement each other. Television shows things; summarises them. The newspaper prompts reflection. One does not exclude the other.

Times have changed, but the essence of the project started over sixty years ago has never changed: that is, to serve the community, to act as a bridge between Italy and Australia, not only where information is concerned but also by spreading Italian language, traditions and culture. A TV option only increases our commitment to the Italo-Australian community, and comes with an important guarantee: we have acquired the rights from major Italian television networks to broadcast their programs in Australia. These may even include the Serie B football championship.

These guarantees are transparent, and Il Globo TV will offer direct and immediate access to our programs via the internet, with no need for additional devices or costs, only a subscription to one of the two packages on offer.

Il Globo TV will bring Italy to us at any time, with many forms of access via subscription. By downloading the appropriate app free of charge, users will also be able to view programs on all electronic devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

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Patrick Larobina.