Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) uses the internet to deliver TV services, rather than through antennas, satellite dishes, or cable. Instead of being limited to programs that are broadcast live, most IPTV services offer on-demand viewing: you simply pick what you’d like to watch, and stream it straight to your TV or compatible device. 

Right now, there are two main models for IPTV in Australia. 

Traditional IPTV is available only through specific providers, or relies on hardware like a set-top box. For example, Fetch TV requires you to buy a branded set-top box to get their service onto your big screen. 

The newer, and most popular model available is on-demand streaming. For those unfamiliar, streaming uses the internet to distribute content, via a website or app. These type of services – which include on-demand streaming platforms like Netflix and Stan – can be accessed through your computer, on smart TVs, through phones and tablets, or by using streaming devices like Google Chromecast or Telstra TV. 


There is still some confusion out there with regard to which channels are delivered via “Free to Air” and which channels are delivered via Streaming or IPTV

  • Safe to say that if you were or are still a FOXTEL Cable subscriber, then you will have all of the FTA channels delivered to you via the Cable and you don’t need an external antenna. Keep in mind that these FTA channels are Standard Definition and that you will still need an external aerial to receive the FTA High Definition channels 7HD,HD9,10HD,ABCHD and SBS HD.
  • If you were or are still a FOXTEL Satellite subscriber, then you will have all of the FTA channels broadcast to you via the Satellite and again, you don’t need an external antenna. N.B. Channels 7HD,HD9,10HD,ABCHD and SBS HD are NOT transmitted via Satellite and require and aerial as per the table below. All the SD or Standard Definition channels are broadcast on both Aerial and Satellite

Primary channels

Channel name Via FTA aerial If FTA aerial not connected, available via Foxtel satellite
Channel 7
Channel 7 HD
Channel 9
Channel 9 HD
Channel 10*
Channel 10 HD*
  • If you are a newer or upgrading customer and have the new IQ5, this is where it gets interesting as you will have inputs for both Satellite and IPTV on the back so it depends. The IQ5 has allowed Foxtel to sign up new customers who didn’t or couldn’t have a Satellite Dish on their roof or Cable into their home. As an example, we are talking about people renting but clearly, the strategy with the IQ5 is to make it accessible to all customers, irrespective of where they are and what access they have. The minimum access required is an NBN connection with decent speed to their home and they can watch Foxtel

So what are these “Free to Air Families” that we hear talked about?

Free-to-Air channels are made up of families based on which network owns them.
The Seven family consists of 7, 7Two, 7mate, 7HD, 7mate HD, 7Flix,, and Open Shop.
The Nine family is Nine, 9HD, 9Gem, 9Go!, 9Life, 9Rush, 9Gem HD.
The 10 family is 1e0, 10 Pach, 10 Bold, 10 Shake, 10 HD, TVSN and Spree TV.
The ABC family is ABC, ABC HD, ABC Comedy, ABC Kids, ABC Me, and ABC News.
The SBS family is SBS, SBS HD, SBS Viceland, SBS World Movies, SBS Food and NITV.
So whilst you may hear that the old TV Antenna on the roof is extinct, I wouldn’t be thinking that just yet unless you only want to watch Streaming Video On Demand Netflix shows.
Yes, I know that you can watch all of the “traditional” channels like ABC, 7, 9, 10 and SBS via an APP, but I have found that this is not ideal for many people who have grown up and are comfortable with the old ways of viewing.
So as with most things in the Tech world, each scenario and each customer need is different but CMT can help you navigate through the options

Patrick Larobina