It’s Time To Preserve Those Old Photos In The Shoebox or Photo Albums With The Epson Fast foto FF-680W


I was listening to the EFTM Podcast today where a caller wanted to digitalise some old photos stored in a showbox.

Connect My Tech now offers to do all of the hard work for you by visiting your house with a photo scanner that doesn’t just scan fast, but it scanned smart – it’s called the Epson FastFoto FF-680W

It looks simply like a printer but it is much more than that with the ability to scan and store digitally, one photo every second with up to up 36 photos per feed.

It’s all driven by software on my laptop which is where the second level of smarts comes in.

The scanner hands over the old photo data to your computer, which then uses the EPSON FastFoto scanner software to sort your images.

If the images go through not quite straight – no drama, it straightens them.

If the image has a white border around it – no drama, it crops perfectly.

Is it an aged old black and white that’s faded? – no drama, it makes it pop again.

And does it have some notes on the back? – no drama, it can scan the back too.


The process to scan your old photos to digital is easy.

  1. All you need to do is collect all of the old photos and call me for a quote. There is no limit to the number of photos you need to scan.
  1. Connect My Tech will visit your home and sit with you to scan all of the photos. And categorise in order of preference.
  1. Connect My Tech will then place all of your precious memories onto either a USB memory stick or I can place them on your desktop, laptop or tablet computer

Most people could scan their whole photo library in just a short space of time.

It’s a great comfort knowing that your precious memories are backed up in this way.

With time, old photos will fade in albums and then there is the potential for fire, theft, or simply losing the old photos.

In this way, your memories are preserved via this new technology.

Call Patrick at on 0412820204 to discuss your needs and quote.