We all have that one person in our family who “just wants a phone that can make and receive calls”. Or that one person who just wants to call only their family members. Well, this product from KISA could be just the product you need.

I came across this solution to solve an issue for a lovely 92 Year old lady in a nursing home in Sydney who had difficulty  using a Mobile Phone due to her slight vision impairment and the fact that her home fixed line was costly and not portable.

The KISA solution solved both challenges for her.

Firstly, the cost of the phone was $389 for the BYO SIM model plus $19 delivery plus $89 for a 365 day SIM. Total for the first year was $497 with each subsequent year only costing $89 to pay for the SIM. Compare that to the fixed phone line in her room which I believe was costing her $65 month or $780 per year!

Secondly, the phone is portable and easy to use given her vision impairment. The KISA phone can be configured to display names, photos or Braille for your 10 nominated contacts.

I know this is NOT going to be a phone for everybody clearly but there will be many who will benefit from the ease of use and simplicity the KISA phone offers

Easy to Use

5 button KISA phone

Making a phone call is as simple as a single button press. There are no confusing menus, touch screens to swipe or numbers to remember. Receive incoming calls with the clearly visible answer button in the top left hand corner.

Made to Order

6 phones together

Each KISA phone is made to order, with a maximum of ten pre-programmed mechanical contact buttons. You can choose to have buttons with large text or images such as a picture of a family member or doctor. Personalise your KISA phone with a wide range of background colours and designs.

GPS Location

KISA mobile phone GPS location tracker

KISA phone can be located at any time through our easy to use GPS location service. The GPS location service is perfect for knowing where your children or elder loved ones may be at any time. GPS can be activated or deactivated at your request and is accessible only to persons nominated by you.

Emergency Services SOS Button

SOS button

The KISA phone has a large SOS button that immediately dials emergency services if pressed four times.

When activated, the phone makes a continuous loud noise to attract attention and switches to hands free mode, allowing the user to communicate with emergency services without having to hold the phone.

Important Medical Information

Emergency information on back of mobile phone

You can customise the rear of the KISA phone with vital information that explains medical needs immediately for first responders attending to you or your loved one.

Loud and Clear

Very loud mobile phone speaker

The KISA phone has a built in loudspeaker for the hearing impaired or those who want to operate the phone without holding it to their face.

There is also a dedicated headphone jack for those who prefer to use earphones.

Light and Durable

Wear mobile phone around your neck on a lanyard

Weighing in at just 110 grams, the KISA phone is lightweight and very durable. We recommend that KISA phone users who are prone to forget their phone use the included lanyard strap every day, so it is never forgotten.

Easy to Charge

Easy to charge mobile phone for seniors

The KISA phone comes with a charging cradle included – perfect for those with limited dexterity.

Long Battery Life

Long lasting battery mobile phone for elderly

The KISA phone can last over 3 days on standby and can make 4 hours of calls on a single charge. This gives peace of mind should the phone not have been placed in the charging cradle overnight.

Innovative and Local

Mobile phone for seniors and people with disabilities designed in Australia

The KISA phone was designed in Australia, is 100% Australian owned and all support is based in Australia.

To make sure the KISA phone provides maximum network coverage and compatibility, we’ve designed it to be quad-band, so it works on 2G, 3G and 4G networks in Australia and worldwide.


 As usual, if you need help or more information on this product, you know how to get in touch.


Patrick Larobina