If you are an Optus Postpaid customer and you are also a lover of Netflix, then this latest offer might be of interest to your purse or pocket.

Right now for a limited time, if you Subscribe to Netflix via the Optus Sub Hub portal, you will get 6 months of Netflix free.

As I have discussed in earlier Blogs, Optus Sub Hub is a platform that aims to bring your paid subscriptions into one place, making it easier to add, manage and review your various subscriptions.

Optus Sub Hub FAQs

Sub Hub is relatively new to the market and the range of subscriptions is small but growing with Optus Sport, Netflix, Prime Video currently available with plans to include more in the near future such as Fetch and Paramaount as examples

So why would I want to use Optus Sub Hub I hear you ask?

Good question and in my humble opinion, it comes down to simplifiying your cost structure and saving money depending on how many Subscriptions you add to your Sub Hub account


It’s simpler as all of your billing for the Subscriptions you add appear on your Optus bill instead of getting a seperate bill from each provider

It’s cost effective because you will receive a discount when linking multiple paid subscriptions to your Optus Sub Hub account.

The discount will be added to your monthly Optus bill at the end of each billing month based on the amount of active subscriptions billed that month. Free trial periods do not count for paid subscriptions. See below for how the discount works:

  • If you have 1 paid subscription = you pay the RRP
  • If you have 2 paid subscriptions = you’ll receive a 5% discount on both paid subscriptions
  • If you have 3 or more paid subscriptions = you’ll receive a 10% discount on all paid subscriptions

I dont believe many of my Optus customers are aware of this Platform or offer so again, if you are an Optus Postpaid customer ( i.e Mobile Phone or Home Internet ), then consider setting up an Sub Hub account.

The $102 saving buys you lots of popcorn and the ongoing 10% saving for your three or more subscriptions will keep your fridge stocked with Choc Tops

Below are some FAQs around the offer but again, if you want help either to set up an account or just have general questions on the offer, you know how to get in touch

When will I receive my $102 account credit on my Optus account?

The $102 credit will be applied to your Optus account once it has been confirmed you are eligible for the offer, and that you have successfully activated a new or brought over your existing Netflix subscription via the SubHub platform before the offer is withdrawn. It will be applied to your next bill.

What if I want opt-out of renewing my Netflix subscription?

If you do not wish to renew your subscription, you can unsubscribe within the SubHub platform. You can do this at any time. Access to Netflix will cease at the next monthly renewal date for the subscription. This will not impact on the $102 credit applied to their account.

Can I take up Netflix Basic on SubHub?

Optus is not offering the Netflix Basic Subscription via SubHub. If you are an existing Netflix Basic customer wishing to link your service, you will need to upgrade to a Standard or Premium Plan, which you can do via SubHub. If you are a new Netflix customer, you can select either the Standard or Premium plan options

If I have an existing Netflix subscription, do I need to contact Netflix so they stop billing me?

If you pay your account through Netflix, then once you move your Netflix subscription to Optus, Netflix will be automatically updated to stop billing you. However, if you pay your account through Apple or the App Store you will need to contact your provider to stop being billed. For any further questions, please contact Netflix Customer Service: https://help.netflix.com/en/.

When I have Netflix via SubHub, what will I see on my Optus bill?

You will see the monthly Netflix Standard HD or Premium HD subscription cost on your account. If you choose to cancel your subscription via SubHub, the monthly subscription cost will cease at the end of the next monthly renewal date for the subscription.

Terms and conditions

Eligible Optus Postpaid account holders who activate their SubHub account and successfully activate a Netflix subscription through the SubHub platform subhub.com.au from 07/03/2022 until the offer is withdrawn will receive a $102 credit on their Optus account. The offer is only available through select channels. The credit will be applied to the customer’s account and any amount left unused on the account will be forfeited. Customers must be new, lapsed, or existing Netflix customers to take up the offer. Prepaid customers, customers with Choice Plus mobile plans, Connected Device or Watch plans are excluded. SubHub T&Cs and Netflix Terms of Use apply. Offer available for a limited time until withdrawn.


Patrick Larobina