International Roaming

Many have asked me around advice on what to do when taking your Mobile Phone overseas.

Can I make calls with my current plan? Do I buy a SIM at the airport here or overseas? Is it expensive? Will WhatsApp work? Etc Etc.

All valid questions and there are many answers depending on your personal situation but this new offering from BOOST Mobile is compelling and may be just what you need to consider before you hop on a plane or boat to travel abroad.

If you were a VODAFONE POST PAID customer, you were lucky enough to have the option of their $5 a day roaming plan which gave you all of the calls and data benefits you enjoy in Australia whilst you are overseas so a 7 day holiday would basically set you back $35

If you were not Vodfone post paid, my general advice in the past was to buy a local SIM in the country you visit as this was the most cost effective way to use the phone for calls and Data. 

And finally, the cheapest way was to simply take the phone over there with no roaming plan and just sponge off any WIFI you can latch on to and use services such as Whatsapp and Messenger to communicate. Not recommended!

But now, BOOST Mobile have an International Roaming offer that will appeal to many.

As you are aware, BOOST are a Pre Paid provider so their Plans are already budget conscious and the addition of the new affordable International Roaming Bolt Ons make their value proposition even more so

I agree with Trevor Long in that Boost marketing this at “less than $3 a day” is aimed fairly and squarely toward Vodafone’s $5 a day plans which dominate this market, with Boost’s advantage being they are prepaid so the switch is easy and the commitment is low, you could literally switch carriers just for your holidays.

Boost of course are hoping people will love it, and even when home stick with Boost.

So for all of you lucky travellers heading overseas, this is definitely worth a look even if you dont want to switch to BOOST forever. You do have the option to just buy a plan for the duration of your holiday

 Below are the details of the offer from BOOST MOBILE



Heading overseas? (Lucky you!) International Roaming is available in 40 countries. Simply recharge using the My Boost Mobile app when you get to your destination.

Here are the full details of their roaming offer:

$40 $30 $20


Canada China Croatia Czech Republic
Fiji France Germany Greece
Hong Kong Hungary India Indonesia
Ireland Israel Italy Japan
Malaysia The Netherlands New Zealand Norway
The Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar
Samoa Serbia Singapore Solomon Islands
South Korea Spain Sri Lanka Sweden
Taiwan Thailand Tonga Turkey
UK USA Vanuatu Vietnam

Frequently asked questions

What countries are included in the International Roaming packs?

The Boost International Roaming Packs are available for use in 40 countries. See above for a list of countries. 

There are 3 different International Roaming pack options that range in expiry from 3 days to 14 days and have different levels of inclusions across data, calls and text. All packs have access to the 40 included destinations. 

How do I buy an International Roaming pack?

The best way to purchase an International Roaming pack is through the My Boost app. Once you’re in the My Boost app, select your service and scroll down to Available Extras. You can then select the International Roaming Packs option and proceed to purchasing a pack. 

We recommend you download the My Boost app before you go overseas. Your roaming pack will become active as soon as you purchase it.

You can also purchase an International Roaming Pack by dialling #111# from your mobile and following the prompts. 

You will not be able to purchase an International Roaming pack using the Recharge option on the Boost website when you are overseas. If you choose to purchase a pack when you’re still in Australia, you will be able to purchase via the Boost website but your pack will become active immediately so some of your expiry will be used up when you’re in transit. 

Can I future date the start date of my International Roaming pack?

Your International Roaming pack will become active as soon as you purchase it. There is no option to purchase in advance and future date the commencement of the pack. It’s for this reason that we recommend you purchase the International Roaming Pack once you’ve landed in your overseas destination. 

Will I be charged to receive phone calls and text messages?

Calls – Your call minute allowance will be deducted when you make or receive a call (including voicemail). 

Texts – Your text allowance will be deducted when you send a text, however, it will not be deducted when you receive text messages. Your data allowance will be deducted when sending or receiving MMS messages. 

Do I need to have an active recharge to be able to purchase an International Roaming pack?

No. You don’t need to have an active recharge to be able to purchase an International Roaming pack. 

Do I need to adjust any settings on my phone so I can use International Roaming?

International Roaming is automatically turned on for all Boost customers so if you’re going overseas, you don’t need to adjust any settings or turn anything on within the My Boost app. Everything has already been done for you. 

However, you may need to adjust some settings in your phone if you have manually disabled roaming. You can check this in the Settings app of your phone. 

How do I track my International Roaming pack usage?

The My Boost app will show all the usage of your current International Roaming pack, including your calls, text and data usage and your remaining expiry. 

You’ll also receive an SMS from Boost to notify you when you’ve used 50%, 85% and 100% of your inclusions. These SMS are free to receive. 

Can I have multiple International Roaming packs at once?

Yes you can stack International Roaming packs, meaning you can have multiple active packs at once. The pack that has the soonest expiry will be used first.

For example, if you have a pack that expires on the 10th and another pack that expires on the 15th, the pack that expires on the 10th will be used first and then it will switch to using the inclusions of the second pack. 

When does my International Roaming pack expire?

International Roaming packs will expire on the applicable expiry date regardless of whether all the inclusions have been used or not. Unused inclusions will not roll over. 

International Roaming pack expiry dates can be viewed in the My Boost app. The pack will expire at the same time that it was purchased. For example, if the pack was purchased at 10am then it will expire on the relevant date at 10am. The purchase date and time will be shown in AEST and won’t be adjusted to the local time zone. 

How can I get support from Boost Mobile when I’m overseas?

You can contact Boost Mobile when you’re overseas by calling +61 439 125 881. You don’t need an International Roaming pack or an active recharge to call this number. 

You can also message BOOST Mobile via the Help section on the Boost website. Please note that accessing the Boost website overseas will incur data costs so you will be required to either be connected to wi-fi or have an active International Roaming pack. 

The Boost Facebook team also provides support 24×7 so you can also message the Boost Mobile Australia Facebook page.