Start Over gives you the ability to live stream 9News or your favourite Live show from the start, even after it has already begun. Click the Start Over button on the Live TV page to watch any live program from the beginning.



Mobile (iOS only)




What devices support Start Over?

Web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge

Mobile: iOS. (Android mobile coming soon)

TV:  Telstra TV, Roku TV, TCL TV, Apple TV and Android TV. (Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV coming soon)


Why can’t I see the Start Over button on 9Now?

Start Over may not be available on 9Now if the program is over 120 minutes long or is just about to begin or end.

At times, Start Over may be temporarily disabled on a channel, platform or device.

What happens if I close the app or browser while watching a TV program in Start Over mode?

You will exit Start Over mode. Once 9Now is reopened on your device, your TV program will play in live mode.

The show I was watching in Start Over mode has finished and has taken me to a different TV program. Why?

When a Start Over session completes, you’ll be taken back to the live broadcast. If you’d like to Start Over that program too, simply hit Start Over again.

Why isn’t Start Over appearing on a TV program that’s just started?

The Start Over button appears after the program has run for a few minutes to allow users that have missed the beginning of the show to go back and watch from the start.

What happens if I click the ‘Jump to live’ button after I have started over?

Clicking the ‘Jump to live’ icon will take you to the current live stream on 9Now.

Can I browse other channels or close the 9Now app after I’ve started over?

If you navigate to another page or close the 9Now app after starting over, upon return, you will be taken to the current live stream — your progress in Start Over will not be saved.

What happens when the Start Over program I’m watching finishes?
You will automatically be redirected to the current live stream once your Start Over session ends. You may restart the current live program by clicking Start Over again on your 9Now app.

I selected Start Over from the Live TV page but I was taken to the beginning of the previous program. Why?

Sometimes the live broadcast does not exactly match the TV guide when a program runs over schedule. This tends to happen when shows, like the TODAY show, run longer than expected. In the event that you are taken back to the previous program, you might have to wait for the guide to realign to start the program over.

I started a program over on my phone and then tried to cast it to my TV. Why did the stream start from the beginning?

Unfortunately, if you have started a program over on your mobile device and begun to watch, we can’t save your progress if you decide to cast to your TV. If you would like to watch a program from the beginning, try casting to your TV first, and then hit Start Over on your mobile device.

Is Start Over available for all Australian Open live matches on 9Now?

Start Over will be available on all Australian Open matches shown live on Channel 9, 9Gem, 9Go!, 9Life or 9Rush.

Unfortunately, the ‘outside court’ matches shown only on 9Now live streams do not currently support Start Over.

I want to live stream a match at the Australian Open but I’ve missed part of the match. Can I use Start Over to watch from the beginning?

Yes, but our Australian Open coverage is broken up into morning, afternoon, evening and late-night sessions so you can only Start Over within the first two hours of each session. This will take you back to the beginning of the session, but not necessarily the beginning of a particular match.


My channels say ‘Full HD’ now – what does that mean?
While giving you the ability to ‘Start Over’, we sweetened the deal by improving the quality of your streams as well. Full HD (1080p, 50 frames per second) is the best way to experience Sport and other Live content on 9Now. The increased picture quality and faster frame rate will ensure that your program looks clearer and smoother than it ever has before, so that you don’t miss a play.

Can I fast forward and rewind?
Unfortunately you cannot scrub within the Live stream. If you would like to scrub to a specific point in the program without waiting, try catching up on 9Now after the program has finished airing.