I am still amazed at how many of us do not review our Tech Bills and Features on a regular basis to see if what we signed up for originally is still good value in todays market or what you require for your needs?

As I have said previously, the Telecommunications landscape is constantly changing and with that change comes new and varied offers from the providers. However, if you are one of the many who signed on to a Plan many years earlier, you would find that in most cases, the Plans that you signed up to are now out of date leaving you potentially, out of pocket.

Over the last month, I have carried out simple audits and reviews on some of my customers Home Tech spend and have been pleased to show them that they could save significant amounts of money each year just by re packaging their old plans with plans available in the marketplace today. Many times, these savings come with the bonus of superior product so not only do you save money but the product you are buying will be better featured so its a win / win situation.

Now is a great time leading into 2022 to take a moment to review your Home Tech Plans and Subscriptions to see if it meets your requirements and budget

The “ask yourself” checklist

  • When was the last time you did an audit review on all of your Home Tech spend?
  • Are you paying for Mobile Data that you dont really use or need?
  • Do you have streaming subscriptions that you no longer need or watch but you are still paying for?

If your answers were

  • Never or more than 3 months ago
  • I don’t know what Mobile Data allowance I am on or use each month?
  • I have multiple streaming services and/or Foxtel Premium Packages

Then it may be time to consider a review. You may be surprised with the results and cost savings.


Patrick Larobina