Granny flats

I have helped out with some interesting scenarios recently where customers wanted to extend their NBN out to a Granny Flat.

There are many ways to do this and the use of a good quality Mesh WI-FI is the easiest and most cost effective way to achieve this especially for those of you who have family living in the Granny Flat and are happy to “share” your NBN connection

For Landlords wanting to have a separate NBN connection to the Granny Flat so each connection is billed separately, this is where it becomes trickier. Its not impossible but there are certain conditions that need to be met

In most cases, granny flats that share the same address as the primary residence on a block of land cannot apply for a new nbn broadband access network connection – each connection must be linked to a unique address.

To connect granny flats to the nbn access network, you may need to extend your existing connection from the primary residence – by either extending the signal of your local Wi-Fi network, or by installing an additional service through a registered cabler.

Things to consider
Applying for a new address

If you’re in the process of applying for a new address (i.e. sub-dividing one address into two or more lots), and would like to connect it to the nbn access network, then you should apply as a new development.

Additional services

Your provider may be able to assist you with an additional service. Be sure to discuss your plans with your provider before commencing any work as additional services may incur extra charges or require specific requirements.

All customer cabling must be performed by a registered cabler using the nbn standards and guidelines.
Register your un recognised address with a provider

If your address doesn’t appear when you check your address, or if you would like to request an additional connection on a property with more than one residence on it, you’ll need to contact a phone and internet provider. The provider will contact nbn to assist in making these changes.

As part of the process, your provider may request information such as the coordinates of the property you wish to connect, and proof that the property is occupied.

As usual, give us a call if you require any advice on the best way to have your home and Granny Flat connected with NBN and  Provider


Patrick Larobina